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The Society

The Pars Society was founded in 2002  by Baran Yönter as a High Intelligence Society. Main goal of the Society is to provide a private, intellectual and peaceful cyberspace among its members. Pars Society offers an absolute liberty of speech, and encourages exchange of  ideas and projects. According to our International Membership Structure, our exceptionally gifted Members represent more than 17 countries in Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. Members of The Pars Society have a broad spectrum of educational and professional backgrounds. Common properties of The Society can be summarized as giftedness, kindness and  the enthusiasm of cooperation and dialouge among every other Society in HIQ Land. Pars proudly lodges Founders and Directors of more than 20 High IQ Societies and warmly welcomes everyone who wish to cooperate.

The word "Pars" is the name of The Anatolian Leopard panthera pardus tulliana, which is known for its Power and Rarity. Pars symbolises BrainPower and Rarity of our Members.






The Society Membership